Why be featured on the Vegan-Curious blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts?

Share your favorite vegan recipe, a selfie, and a high-quality picture of your dish for a chance to inspire our community to eat right. Sharing your recipe is an excellent opportunity to network with like minded healthy eaters. I am excited about the idea of sharing my platform with you. Spread the word about your vegan.

Read the submission guidelines below and email your presentation to Fran@AishaAdamsMedia.com.


Submission Guidelines for being featured on Vegan-Curious:

  • To be featured on Vegan-Curious all recipes submitted MUST be vegan! We accept raw vegan, gluten free vegan, etc. “Vegan” recipes mean they are all meatless and dairy-free (no egg or milk products).
  • The suggested length for recipes is 400-800 words or less.
  • Recipes need to include a brief introduction. List out Ingredients and preparation with bullet points. Please refer to this format.
  • Include nutritional/caloric information, if possible.
  • Recipes should include all applicable dietary specifications. For example, specifying that a recipe is raw vegan, nut free, soy free, oil free, grain free, or wheat free is valuable to our readers. Be sure to list measurements.
  • Recipes MUST include photos of the actual finished product (NO stock photos). Please submit professional, high-quality food photos. Food photos with good lighting preferred.
  • Please include your brief bio at the bottom of the article (in less than 100 words) and attach a vertical head-shot.


Additional Notes about having your recipe featured on Vegan-Curious:

If compensated by any brand referenced in your recipe, clearly disclose this information to us.

Restrictions for Being Featured on Vegan-Curious:

Recipes will be reviewed by Aisha Adams and may be edited to comply with our guidelines prior or after publication.  We will notify you for final permissions to publish and notify you of the publication date. We reserve the right to reject recipes.

Please email your submission to Fran@AishaAdamsMedia.com. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response for a response from us

By sending this submission to Vegan-Curious.com, you are stating that you are the author and copyright owner of the submission and/or have all rights necessary to provide this submission (including images).

Sending your submission grants AishaAdamsMedia.com the non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, fully-paid up, royalty-free transferable right and license, with the right to sub-license, publish, republish, resell, distribute, copy and edit the submission an unlimited number of times in all forms and all media whether now known or to become known in the future.