I have been a vegan for about five years now, but I have been eating Soul Vegetarian for at least 17 years. I have always considered the Soul Vegetarian on Ralph Abernathy to be the Southern Mecca of Black Veganism; after all, they have been an example of black veganism, black entrepreneurship, and black love for more than 30 years.

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant is the largest chain of vegan restaurants in the world and operates under the auspices of the Hebrew Israelite Community of Jerusalem. Affectionately known by those of us who frequent the restaurants as “Soul Veg,” there are locations in Tallahassee, Chicago, and Atlanta.Soul Vegetarian has consistently served us high-quality whole foods without sacrificing taste. It is truly one of the reasons I knew I could become a vegan. They have always modeled how to eat for health and longevity in the black community.

I just finished reading The New Soul Vegetarian Cookbook, and I have to tell you, it is a must have. Can you believe they gave the recipes to their current menu? After I finished reading the book, I felt like I had just won the lottery. I almost fainted when I saw that Sister Yafah included the macaroni and cheese recipe in the book. I remember buying it by the pint from the now defunct location off Georgia Avenue in Washington DC some years back. There are so many cool recipes in this book, and they are all vegan. I also can’t wait to try the Village of Peace Pot Pie, Garvey Burgers, and the No Bake Banana Bread.

This cookbook is a must have for anyone who has or is building a healing kitchen. The book includes vegan bread, soups, main dishes (protein, soy or legume based), raw dishes (salads and sides), salad dressings, dips, relishes, desserts, and drinks. Aside from good food, Sister Yafah gives us some helpful cooking tips, a measurement conversion table, and information on sprouting. There are 80 soulful recipes in this book. The recipes are easy to read and follow, and the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket and health food store.

3 Cooking Tips Worth Mentioning to You From The New Soul Vegetarian Cookbook.

1. You will use less spices when cooking at a medium-to-low flame, because at that temperature the spices cook through the food.

As I have been incorporating more low flame foods into my own diet, I have noticed I don’t need to use as much seasoning as before. I did not know why until I finished this book. It is good to incorporate raw and low flame foods into your meal plan even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian. These foods have a higher nutritional value than foods that are cooked at higher temperatures.

2. Make your lunch your heaviest meal. Eating heavy in the morning after the body has fasted or at a late hour can cause weight gain and stomach discomfort.

I know this is true. I have seen it in every definitive eating guide I have read. Yet, I still sometimes choose a big breakfast or dinner. I personally often pay with uncomfortable stomach bloat and gas.

3. Always soak your beans, nuts, seeds, and grains for 24 hours because using them. This releases harmful digestive enzyme inhibitors. Cover them with at least 3 inches of water. Drain and rinse them thoroughly after soaking.

I always soak beans, nuts, seeds, and grains to prevent digestive issues such as irritable bowel, heartburn, gas, and bloat. However, I didn’t know I needed to cover them with at least 3 inches of water. I just never considered how much water to use.

There are so many jewels in this book, including more tips. I hope you will check them out.