I am so excited to share Nubia Sutton, one of my all time favorite vegans. Check her out at TheBlackBerryBeauty.com’s   When I first transitioned into vegan, I would watch hours worth of Nubia’s content.  Her YouTube Channel helped me learn the importance of eating raw foods, but she also kept me motivated while on on my vegan journey. Nubia Suttion played a major role in what kind of vegan I am today. She is truly a treat to anyone who encounters her.  She is honest and authentic.  Her videos are empowering, and she gives a fresh perspective, current hot topics while dropping serious gems. She is powerful, and her intuition is on point. Nubia Sutton does a great job of helping women stay in mental, physical and emotional balance by offering real healing strategies and insight.   Nubia Sutton is a raw foodist, a mother, and wife.  I highly recommend the products offered on her page. In this conversation,  I catch up with Nubia Sutton, and she gives great advice for those who are on a vegan journey trying to date or raise kids.

Listen to my interview with Nubia  here:

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